Know How Cotton Tote Bags Are Better Than Plastic Bags

Cotton Tote Bags

When you go grocery shopping, shopkeepers tell you to keep groceries and fruits in plastic bags, but do you know how harmful plastic bags are to the environment? Plastic bags are used and thrown out immediately; hence, they become a threat to the environment. We aim to provide sustainable, environmentally friendly, and versatile products. Everyone is becoming more aware of the environment, and the demand for sustainable cotton things is increasing, so if you are going grocery shopping, then you can purchase grocery shopping bags manufactured by us. These bags fulfil your everyday needs; not only this, but they are also effective for the environment.

Bagwalas has cotton tote bags available in many varieties and colors. These bags can be used for daily grocery shopping, shopping for vegetables and fruits, or going on a picnic. They are a good option for you because they are environmentally friendly and made of 100% cotton. Today, we will tell you why cotton bags are better than plastic bags.

What are the advantages of custom tote bags?

Using cotton bags can be a perfect option for you compared to plastic bags because it has many advantages:

1. Cotton bags decompose quickly and do not take time, so they do not create pollution and waste and are not harmful to the environment. These bags are also environmentally friendly and used in most shops. Plastic bags do not decompose quickly, so their use is not good for you and the environment.

2. The cotton tote bags we manufacture are versatile and can be used in various ways, not just in one way. You can take them with you for your grocery and general shopping. You can use these for outings or picnics and can keep your books, water bottle and lunch box. Cotton bags are good because plastic bags are not versatile.

3. Printed tote bags are durable and sturdy. You can easily keep your groceries or fruits in them and take them from the shop to home. These are made from high-quality material, so they are very strong and do not break easily. Plastic bags are not suitable because they are not weak and get broken while being brought from the shop to home.

4. You can also use cotton bags while travelling because they are portable and travel-friendly, but it is not advisable to use plastic bags because they do not keep your things safe. These bags are light, so you can carry them with you while shopping.

5. You can customize the custom tote bags manufactured by Bagwalas according to your choice and also get your brand logo printed on them, whereas it is not possible to customize plastic bags.


Bagwalas is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cotton tote bags at affordable rates. By joining us, you will get a combination of sustainability, versatility, remoteness, and customization in one product. Now that you know that plastic bags are harmful to the environment, you should consider the bags provided by us.

What Is The Difference Between Cotton Tote Bags And Plastic Bags?

Tote Bags

In today’s time, the trend of plastic bags is decreasing, and cotton tote bags are becoming more and more popular. The main reasons for this are sustainability and eco-friendliness. There are many reasons why plastic bags are less effective, which we will discuss here, but before that, you should know that cotton bags are in great demand due to their versatility and utility. It is not that plastic bags have been completely stopped; rather, they are still being used by people, but they are not at all good for the environment and grocery items. Tote bags are used in most homes for grocery shopping and have many uses.

Bagwalas provide large quantities of grocery shopping bags, and you need to know the difference between plastic and cotton bags. Here, we will tell you the difference between these two bags; after that, you can decide to choose your bag.     

Cotton Tote Bags:

Cotton is a fabric that has been used for centuries and has always been in great demand. If we talk about the environment, cotton has been in the highest demand. Here we are talking about Tote bags, so cotton bags are better than plastic bags because apart from being durable, they are also eco-friendly. These are best used for any type of shopping, but they are especially used for grocery shopping. Let us know about some features of these bags –

1. Cotton bags are available with shiny and stylish look hence best for gift packaging or shopping purposes. You can also take them for shopping or any event as they look chic.

2. These bags are customizable, so they are the best option for brand promotion. You can get custom tote bags customized with your brand name and logo.

3. They are strong and durable, so you can use them for bulk or large-quantity groceries. Because they are made of high-quality material, these bags do not break while being brought from shop to home.

4. Cotton bags are versatile enough to carry fruits, vegetables, or groceries. They are also best for carrying a lunch box, water bottle, or book on a picnic or outing.

5. Cotton bags are best because they decompose quickly. They also do not create garbage and reduce pollution because they are eco-friendly.

Plastic Bags:

Nowadays, plastic bags are used less in big stores, marts, and companies because they harm the environment. They are not durable and also not sustainable, hence not suitable for grocery shopping or traveling. Some people are still using them, but they have to stop to be aware of the environment. Let us know why using plastic bags is not appropriate.       

1. Plastic bags are not suitable for carrying groceries or any heavy items as they are not durable and break easily.

2. These bags threaten the environment because they do not decompose quickly and cause pollution. They are also not right for your situation, so you should avoid them.

3. These bags are difficult to customize as the customization options are much less than those for cotton bags.

4. Plastic bags are thrown away once they are used and cannot be reused in many ways; hence, they are not versatile.


Here, you will see about the printed tote bags provided by Bagwalas and the difference between plastic and cotton bags. Now, you should contact us and place your order for Tote Bags.

Why use organic cotton pouches? Everything you need to know

cotton pouches

The packaging of anything reflects its value, especially the packaging of precious jewelry. Jewelry is a very precious thing and hence its safety is very important. Which pouch or bag are you using to keep or store your jewellery? If you are storing jewelry in plastic bags then you should use cotton jewelry bags. These pouches can be the best solution for you as they are made from organic materials and are friendly. Just as awareness is increasing day by day, the demand for eco-friendly products is also increasing. You can join us to get any type of pouch as we have jewelry bags available in all varieties. Use of cotton bags is a good option for you because they are durable and can be used for a long time. You can buy these bags to store your jewelry or gift it to someone.

Do you know how cotton jewelry bags are better than plastic bags? Let’s discuss this:

Cotton pouches are good for the environment and are also perfect for your jewelry so you should use cotton pouches instead of plastic bags. Come let’s know about them –


  • Cotton: You can use the custom jewelry bags manufactured by us in versatile ways such as gift packaging, wedding favor gift, and jewelry store and brand promotion.
  • Plastic: It is not advisable to use plastic bags in a vertical manner as they do not look good and cannot be used for jewelry packaging.

Eco friendliness:

  • Cotton: It is made from organic and biodegradable material so it gets decomposed naturally with time without harmful residues and is eco-friendly.
  • Plastic: Plastic bags are not eco-friendly and are not made from biodegradable material, so they take hundreds of years to decompose, hence they are harmful for the environment and your jewelry.


  • Cotton: Cotton pouches can be customized according to size, shape, color and logo and you can customize the pouch with your brand logo for business promotion.
  • Plastic: Plastic bags can be printed on but cannot be customized compared to cotton bags.


  • Cotton: Cotton pouches are safe for your jewelry and are more durable as they are made from high quality material and you can store your accessories for a long time.
  • Plastic: Plastic bags are very weak and are thrown away after use, hence they cannot be returned.


  • Cotton: Cotton Drawstring pouch has a natural feel which looks very beautiful and of high quality and increases the value of your jewelry. With its different colors, styles and prints, you can use it for gift packaging.
  • Plastic: Plastic bags do not look good and are also cheap, hence it is not appropriate to use them for jewelry packaging.

Conclusion –

You can get all your personalized jewelry pouches from Bagwalas and our rates are also budget friendly so you can get bags made with high quality material in every budget!!

The ultimate guide to Satin Drawstring Packaging Pouch with a versatile solution

Satin Pouch

Satin Drawstring Pouches are available to you and have versatile functionality in storage and packaging. You can use them in many ways, and these pouches are used not only to store jewelry but also for beautiful packaging. You can also buy it for your business as it can be a good choice for keeping Ayurvedic items. These are available to you as a stylish and sophisticated option in which you can keep your precious jewelry. In this blog, you will get acquainted with the uses and benefits of a Drawstring pouch.

What Are Satin Drawstring Pouches?

These pouches made of satin fabric look very stylish because the satin fabric is shiny; hence, the pouches also shine a lot. It can be opened and closed easily because it has a drawstring on both sides. It can be used to store various types of jewelry and ayurvedic soaps. Its texture makes it a good choice for gift packaging on special occasions.

Uses of Satin Drawstring Packaging Pouch –

Some of the many uses of the pouches we provide are as follows:

1. You can use these bags to keep or store your jewelry and organize it while traveling. These pouches help protect your valuable accessories from getting damaged or spoiled.

2. These can also be used for your business. For example, you can customize bags with your brand logo and promote your business. You can also store Ayurvedic things in them and protect them from spoilage.

3. Satin pouches can be used for luxurious gift packaging at weddings or functions, as they can enhance jewelry’s beauty and value. This can be the best option for your overall presentation.

4. This is where you can store your daily jewelry for a long time, as well as coins.

Benefits of Satin Drawstring Jewelry Packaging Pouch –

Customization: These Drawstring bags are customizable; you can customize them according to the size of your product, but that’s not all; you can also customize them according to your colors and design. You can use these pouches for your business and brand promotion.

Versatility: You can use these bags to keep cosmetic products, shoes, Ayurvedic items, and jewelry. You can also use them for wedding favor bags and buy them to gift at functions or weddings as they are the best option for luxurious packaging.

Long-lasting & durable: Our artisans create strong, durable satin drawstring pouches for you to use in the future. They do not spoil quickly, and you can use them for a long time.

Elegance and Aesthetic Appeal: These pouches are in great demand with their elegant and sophisticated look and are also popular. This fabric’s shine helps make your products more special, and you can also use it for luxurious packaging and presentation.

Conclusion –

Satin Drawstring Bags provided by Bagwalas serve as your storing, packaging and promotion bags. We decide the prices keeping the budget in mind, hence you can deal with us at affordable rates and discounted prices.

Exploring The Uses And Attributes Of Versatile & Eco-Friendly Cotton Tote Bags

Cotton Tote Bags

Do you know which bag is best for carrying grocery items? Here, we will solve your grocery or fruit lane problems. Using plastic bags for carrying fruits and vegetables is not advisable, and you should also not keep your groceries in them as they are harmful to the environment. We are going to tell you about cotton tote bags, so you should consider these bags. These bags are perfect for you as they are versatile. You can use them in versatile ways. Do you want to know how tote bags can be helpful for you?

These grocery shopping bags provided by Bagwalas can be the best option for you because they are made of cotton fabric which is high quality and eco-friendly as well. People who use these bags can get many benefits, and if you want to know about them, then stay with us.

Know about the benefits and uses of Printed Tote Bags –

The bags we provide have many uses and benefits. Let us know.

1. The tote bag can be used in many ways. It is not just for carrying groceries, fruits, and vegetables; it is also for picnics or outings. While going on an outing, you can keep a water bottle and lunch box.

2. Using custom tote bags can be very good for you because they are customizable. You can customize the bags according to your size, color, and design.

3. Our grocery Tote Bags can be used for business promotion, promoting your brand, and attracting customers.

4. Cotton tote bags are portable and can easily be taken with you while traveling and shopping. This bag is perfect for your daily grocery. Hence, you can also use it as a shopping bag.

5. These cotton bags can be very beneficial for you because they are environmentally friendly and not harmful to your groceries or the environment.

6. We use high-quality materials and create sturdy bags that you can use for a long time. These bags are strong and do not get spoiled easily, so you can also store a large quantity of groceries in them.

7. Custom tote bags are reusable, so you can use them again and again. They are made from cotton, so they do not get spoiled quickly, and they are better than plastic bags.

These bags are very easy to care for and maintain. You can wash them daily or in the machine.


Bagwalas provides you with all kinds of cotton tote bags whose prices are very affordable, and you can get a variety of bags. We will provide you with a variety of options and will also provide you with bags at discounted rates.

Quick guide to Designer cotton pouches: good for gift packaging & jewelry storing

Designer cotton pouches

As you know, a high-quality and durable pouch is needed to store valuable things like jewelry, but few people keep their valuable accessories in plastic bags. Plastic bags are very harmful to the environment, so their use should be stopped. Instead, you can use Designer jewelry packaging pouches. Apart from being designer, this pouch is also functional, which means you can use it in a versatile manner.

Bagwalas has a variety of designer Drawstring Jewelry pouches available, which may be good for you to learn about. Let us know about some varieties of these pouches, which are as follows:

Bottom Lace Jewelry Pouch: These pouches are available with golden lace at the bottom and drawstrings on both sides, which are best for storing and packaging your jewelry safely.

Bottom PomPom drawstring pouch: These pouches look very beautiful with bottom pompom, which you can use for packaging. Here you can also store and organize your accessories.

Round Lace drawstring pouch: We also have round lace pouches available, which are used for wedding gift packaging. If you keep this jewelry, you can gift it to your relatives and enhance their value.

Round PomPom jewelry pouch:  PomPom is very beautiful to look at, and this pouch is made of round PomPom along with its own drawstring. Not only this, you can use it for your business, but you can also use it for a wedding gift.

Exploring the benefits of Designer Cotton Pouches:

Cotton pouches are best compared to plastic bags, and the benefits of the pouches we provide are as follows –

  • You can use the Drawstring pouch for keeping, storing jewelry, and for gift packaging at weddings. Its most significant benefit is versatility, so you should consider buying it,
  • One benefit of wedding favor bags is that they are customizable, so you can customize them with your brand logo and promote your business. You can also get the size and color customized according to you.
  • One benefit of these bags is that they are portable, so they can be used while traveling and taken anywhere. You can keep your jewelry in the pouch in a shopping bag, traveling bag, or carry bag, as it is very small and light in size.
  • Our artisans use high technics and quality to create durable designer pouches that you can buy daily. These pouches are also sustainable, so you can trust them and use them for a long time.
  • One benefit of drawstring jewelry pouches is that they are environmentally friendly and made from cotton, so they do not cause pollution and waste. Plastic bags increase pollution and are not good for the environment.


Bagwalas is a prominent manufacturer that can provide designer cotton Pouches at reasonable rates. You don’t have to worry about storage or packaging issues with your jewelry, as we have a wide variety available for you.

The versatile use of Plain Cotton Pouches: Eco-Friendly Elegance

Plain Cotton Pouches

In today’s time, where sustainability and eco-friendliness are increasing very fast, Plain Cotton Jewellery Pouches are available with durability and versatility. Jewelry pouches are not just a storage solution but have versatile uses. You can use them for luxurious gift packaging; not only this, you can also use them to keep your daily small accessories. This pouch looks very simple, but its use can be most suitable for you. It would help if you did not use plastic bags to store or organize your precious jewelry; instead, you should use our cotton pouches.

Bagwalas offers many varieties of Jewelry Drawstring Pouches, which can be the best choice for you. Apart from storing jewelry, you can use these bags for business promotion and wedding gift packaging. They are available with eco-friendly appeal, so you should definitely consider them.

What are the Uses of personalized jewelry pouches?

There is not just one but many uses for jewelry pouches, which we have mentioned here –

1. You can use a Jewelry pouch to keep, store, and organize your precious jewelry because your accessories remain utterly safe. Expensive accessories have a higher risk, so keeping them in a pouch during the traveling.

2. You can use cotton pouches for wedding gift packaging and when gifting jewelry to a relative because packaging enhances the value of the gift.

3. You can use customizable pouches for your business and brand promotion; for this, you can customize your brand logo.

Why should you choose custom drawstring jewelry bags from Bagwalas?

Versatility and reusability: The jewelry pouches created by our artisans are versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways. You can store your jewelry, use it for packaging, grow your business, and promote your brand. This bag can be used multiple times as it is reusable, and you can also use it in the future.

Durability and eco-friendliness: We create durable pouches for you using high-quality material, which you can use to store your jewelry for a long time. These pouches are made of cotton fabric, so they are soft and also eco-friendly. Hence, it is not advisable to use plastic bags.

Customizable & portable: We customize small drawstring pouches and print your brand logo according to your choice. You can customize the pouch with your brand logo and use it for business. Our jewelry pouches are travel-friendly and portable because they are very small and light in size, so you can take them with you while traveling. You can carry your jewelry anywhere by keeping it in these pouches.


We are providing Plain Cotton Pouches at a reasonable price for you. People who are worried about the problem of their jewelry storage and packaging should contact Bagwalas immediately. We are helpful in providing all types of products for you, so what are you waiting for? Place your order today.

How cotton jewelry pouches are better than plastic bags: everything you should know

Cotton Drawstring Bags

For those unable to store and organize their jewelry, personalized jewelry pouches are a great option because you can use them to store your precious jewelry. To keep jewelry, you should use cotton and strong pouches to keep your accessories completely safe. These pouches are a good option because they are made of strong cotton fabric. Keeping jewelry in plastic bags is unsafe, so you should use cotton bags instead. Today’s blog is for those who keep their valuable accessories in plastic bags because things made of plastic are not suitable for the environment.

Many types of custom drawstring jewelry bags are available to you at Bagwalas, which are essential for you to know about, and you can fulfill your needs by using all these bags. These pouches we provided are made from cotton and biodegradable material, making them a perfect option for you. These pouches are of a few types:

Suede pouches: These cotton pouches can be a great option for storing or organizing your jewelry. They have a drawstring that will keep your accessories absolutely safe. You can use them in versatile ways.

Designer pouches: Designer jewelry bags look very stylish; hence, they are mainly used for gift packaging. All the designs, colors, and patterns are available in it, and you can keep the jewelry and gift it to any relative or friend.

Plain pouches: You can use plain pouches to keep your daily jewelry and store accessories in them for a long time. These pouches are also used for gift packaging and look very nice.

Tie-dye pouches: This fabric has a very attractive look, so you should definitely consider bags made from it. You can use it to store small accessories, use it in gift packaging, and keep your coins.

Custom drawstring bags vs plastic bags –

Let us know how using cotton pouches is better than plastic bags and why you should avoid plastic bags:

1. Cotton jewelry pouches are eco-friendly and can be destroyed quickly; hence, they are best for the environment. Using plastic bags is not eco-friendly and takes more time to destroy.

2. It would help if you kept your jewelry in eco-friendly pouches. These pouches are durable and sustainable and can be stored for a long time. At the same time, plastic bags cannot be used for a long time because they are not strong and weak.

3. Cotton pouches are customizable, so if you want, you can customize your according pouch with your brand logo, size, colors, and design. Plastic bags cannot be customized, so their use is not suitable for your business.

4. Cotton jewelry bags should be used because they do not cause pollution, whereas plastic bags cause pollution, which is not suitable for the environment.


Just like we told you about custom-printed jewelry pouches here, we also told you about our collection of pouches, from which you can customize anyone. After reading this blog, you will know the difference between plastic and cotton bags; hence, you should use the drawstring pouches provided by Bagwalas.

What Are The Uses And Benefits Of Custom Cotton Tote Bags?

Cotton Tote Bags

Are you using it to get household items like groceries? Are you bringing your groceries in plastic bags? Grocery is needed in every house, so grocery shopping bags can be the best option. These bags are durable and strong, so their use can be long-lasting. You can easily use these to carry your groceries, fruits, and vegetables, as your belongings remain completely safe in them. Tote bags can also be counted as fashion accessories because they look great, and you can take them while shopping.

Uses of Printed Tote Bags provided by Bagwalas –

Tote bags are used not in one way but in many ways. Let us know about some of its uses:

1. You can use a tote bag to keep your groceries and bring them from the market. It would help if you used a substantial bag to carry grocery items. These bags are strong, so you can use them for grocery shopping.

2. The bag can also be used to bring fruits or vegetables because your goods will remain completely safe in this bag, whereas in plastic bags, there is a risk of fruits falling.

3. Tote bags are the best option for protection. They will be completely safe while carrying your groceries, fruits, and vegetables from the shop to home and will not spoil your luggage.

4. Today, cotton tote bags are being used in place of plastic bags in many big stores. Hence, they can be the best option for business and brand promotion.

Exploring the benefits of Grocery Tote Bags –

Eco-friendly: The bags we manufacture are made from cotton and organic material, so they are eco-friendly and also perfect for the environment. Today, awareness is increasing, so you should stop using plastic items and use cotton bags because they are safe for both the environment and your belongings.

Customization: We offer customization because the demand for customized items is increasing. We can provide bags with your brand logo, which you can use for your business, and we can also customize the color, design, and size of the bag as per your choice.

Durable & sustainable: All our products are made from high-quality material, and when it comes to custom tote bags, they are durable and sustainable. Hence, the benefit is that you can use them for a long time. You can carry any amount of grocery items in them as they are made of strong fabric.

Affordable & Portable: We are providing you with tote bags at affordable rates, and it is not that we are providing you with low-quality products at low prices. You can achieve this without compromising on quality. These bags are portable, have very little weight, and are travel-friendly.

As we mentioned in your blog, these custom tote bags provided by Bagwalas are versatile, so you can use them for more than groceries. So contact us and get the bags at discounted rates.

Perfect Guide About Eco-Friendly & Multipurpose Custom Cotton Tote Bags

Cotton Tote Bags

Bringing groceries, vegetables, and fruits is an essential part of daily life. That is why you need a strong and durable bag; it is impossible to bring all this to your home without a bag. Often, plastic bags are used in homes for these purposes, which are not appropriate. Plastic bags are not strong, and your grocery are likely to fall or get damaged. We have cotton tote bags available, which can be your best option. Bagwalas has a variety of tote bags to consider.

What is Tote Bags?

Tote Bags have become an essential product in the practical world and fashion, and they are used in a variety of ways. These bags are eco-friendly and available with a customization facility. In today’s world, these bags are popular and in demand. You can use these cotton bags for your home grocery, outings, or shopping.

Uses of grocery shopping bags –

Tote bags have many uses that you should know about because they can be very beneficial for you:

Grocery Tote Bags are versatile and can serve multiple purposes. They are especially useful for grocery items but can also be used for outings or shopping. This is the best option compared to plastic bags as they are not environmentally harmful.

These bags’ fashionable look makes them ideal shopping bags. You can take them with you to the market, and they are also portable, so you can use them while travelling.

Custom tote bags are easy to customize as we provide this facility. You can customize the logo for your business or brand promotion and use it in marts, shops or malls.

These strong and durable bags can hold your belongings. You can use them to bring groceries or fruits from the shop to your home, as there is no risk of your goods spilling or falling into them.

Choosing the right cotton tote bags –

Before buying the right bag, you need to consider some things, which are as follows:

Check quality and material: You should check the quality and material of the bag so that you do not get trapped in low-quality products. You should also check whether the products are strong, sturdy, and safe for your grocery items.

Consider your budget: When buying a tote bag, it is essential to check your budget and its price. If your budget is low, then you can suck the accordion bag. Considering budget and price can make it easier for you to buy a bag.

Consider customization and versatility: The tote bag should be versatile, so first of all, check its versatility and also check whether it is customized. Customization of the product is very important, so do not forget to consider it.

Conclusion –

With Bagwalas, you can get a variety of custom cotton tote bags at reasonable and discounted prices. You do not need to use normal or plastic bags for your essential grocery items because these bags manufactured by us are the best option for you!