How cotton jewelry pouches are better than plastic bags: everything you should know

cotton jewelry pouches

For those unable to store and organize their jewelry, personalized jewelry pouches are a great option because you can use them to store your precious jewelry. To keep jewelry, you should use cotton and strong pouches to keep your accessories completely safe. These pouches are a good option because they are made of strong cotton fabric. Keeping jewelry in plastic bags is unsafe, so you should use cotton bags instead. Today’s blog is for those who keep their valuable accessories in plastic bags because things made of plastic are not suitable for the environment.

Many types of custom drawstring jewelry bags are available to you at Bagwalas, which are essential for you to know about, and you can fulfill your needs by using all these bags. These pouches we provided are made from cotton and biodegradable material, making them a perfect option for you. These pouches are of a few types:

Suede pouches: These cotton pouches can be a great option for storing or organizing your jewelry. They have a drawstring that will keep your accessories absolutely safe. You can use them in versatile ways.

Designer pouches: Designer jewelry bags look very stylish; hence, they are mainly used for gift packaging. All the designs, colors, and patterns are available in it, and you can keep the jewelry and gift it to any relative or friend.

Plain pouches: You can use plain pouches to keep your daily jewelry and store accessories in them for a long time. These pouches are also used for gift packaging and look very nice.

Tie-dye pouches: This fabric has a very attractive look, so you should definitely consider bags made from it. You can use it to store small accessories, use it in gift packaging, and keep your coins.

Custom drawstring bags vs plastic bags –

Let us know how using cotton pouches is better than plastic bags and why you should avoid plastic bags:

1. Cotton jewelry pouches are eco-friendly and can be destroyed quickly; hence, they are best for the environment. Using plastic bags is not eco-friendly and takes more time to destroy.

2. It would help if you kept your jewelry in eco-friendly pouches. These pouches are durable and sustainable and can be stored for a long time. At the same time, plastic bags cannot be used for a long time because they are not strong and weak.

3. Cotton pouches are customizable, so if you want, you can customize your according pouch with your brand logo, size, colors, and design. Plastic bags cannot be customized, so their use is not suitable for your business.

4. Cotton jewelry bags should be used because they do not cause pollution, whereas plastic bags cause pollution, which is not suitable for the environment.


Just like we told you about custom-printed jewelry pouches here, we also told you about our collection of pouches, from which you can customize anyone. After reading this blog, you will know the difference between plastic and cotton bags; hence, you should use the drawstring pouches provided by Bagwalas.