What Is The Difference Between Cotton Tote Bags And Plastic Bags?

Tote Bags

In today’s time, the trend of plastic bags is decreasing, and cotton tote bags are becoming more and more popular. The main reasons for this are sustainability and eco-friendliness. There are many reasons why plastic bags are less effective, which we will discuss here, but before that, you should know that cotton bags are in great demand due to their versatility and utility. It is not that plastic bags have been completely stopped; rather, they are still being used by people, but they are not at all good for the environment and grocery items. Tote bags are used in most homes for grocery shopping and have many uses.

Bagwalas provide large quantities of grocery shopping bags, and you need to know the difference between plastic and cotton bags. Here, we will tell you the difference between these two bags; after that, you can decide to choose your bag.     

Cotton Tote Bags:

Cotton is a fabric that has been used for centuries and has always been in great demand. If we talk about the environment, cotton has been in the highest demand. Here we are talking about Tote bags, so cotton bags are better than plastic bags because apart from being durable, they are also eco-friendly. These are best used for any type of shopping, but they are especially used for grocery shopping. Let us know about some features of these bags –

1. Cotton bags are available with shiny and stylish look hence best for gift packaging or shopping purposes. You can also take them for shopping or any event as they look chic.

2. These bags are customizable, so they are the best option for brand promotion. You can get custom tote bags customized with your brand name and logo.

3. They are strong and durable, so you can use them for bulk or large-quantity groceries. Because they are made of high-quality material, these bags do not break while being brought from shop to home.

4. Cotton bags are versatile enough to carry fruits, vegetables, or groceries. They are also best for carrying a lunch box, water bottle, or book on a picnic or outing.

5. Cotton bags are best because they decompose quickly. They also do not create garbage and reduce pollution because they are eco-friendly.

Plastic Bags:

Nowadays, plastic bags are used less in big stores, marts, and companies because they harm the environment. They are not durable and also not sustainable, hence not suitable for grocery shopping or traveling. Some people are still using them, but they have to stop to be aware of the environment. Let us know why using plastic bags is not appropriate.       

1. Plastic bags are not suitable for carrying groceries or any heavy items as they are not durable and break easily.

2. These bags threaten the environment because they do not decompose quickly and cause pollution. They are also not right for your situation, so you should avoid them.

3. These bags are difficult to customize as the customization options are much less than those for cotton bags.

4. Plastic bags are thrown away once they are used and cannot be reused in many ways; hence, they are not versatile.


Here, you will see about the printed tote bags provided by Bagwalas and the difference between plastic and cotton bags. Now, you should contact us and place your order for Tote Bags.