How to Care Your Suede Jewelry Pouch?

Suede Jewelry Pouch

Suede jewelry pouch requires skilled care and cleaning to endure. The suede is formed from the softer underbelly of the leather, which has a napped finish. Suede is open and porous, so it readily displays blemishes, water stains, and dirt, therefore we’re going to give some strategies for keeping it clean.

Below we mention some of the caring tips for your suede pouches by which you can increase the durability and protection of your suede jewelry pouches. These steps can help your suede Pouches like professional care at your home itself.

Water Marks

Avoid putting a Suede jewelry pouch in the rain or getting it wet. Water is likely to produce halo markings on suede bags, which we may remove or dye a deeper color. So try to not keep your suede bags in the rain. 

Uneven Nap and Color

If the Suede bag seems faded or uneven, we suggest brushing it. The suede pouch has a nap that seems duller on one side and softer on the other. Use a nail brush and brush your item in the same direction to ensure that all panels match. If your suede has lost its vibrant color. And if your suede jewelry pouch color got faded then don’t worry we at Bagwalas have a wide range of colors of suede jewelry pouches so you can order new ones at a low cost and you get a premium quality jewelry pouch of suede.  

Protective Spray

Apply a protective spray to your suede jewelry bag before using it. This reduces the possibility of color transfer and helps to decrease water absorption. And help your pouch to remain the same and always look like new.


Suede bags are generally unstructured, therefore we suggest packing them while not in use to maintain them in form. Keep your bag in a dust bag to reduce dust buildup and keep the suede pouch clean.

Makeup and Ink Stains

Makeup and pen stains are difficult to remove and might leak from the inside to the outside of the bag. We highly suggest storing your makeup and pens in a tiny waterproof case. And if you seeking a good quality suede pouch you can blindly trust Bagwalas for this. We provide you with a high-quality jewelry bag which just not practical but also gives an elegant look and enhances your fashion sense. 

Cleaning your suede pouch 

A lot of the dirt you notice is usually superficial,  you can remove this dust from your suede jewelry bag with a toothbrush. Use your toothbrush gently in one direction and clear all dirt from it. Doing the brushing in one direction helps your bag to remain undamaged and while you buying for new suede bag so see if they are dust resistant or not.

Color Transfer

Suede is a porous material with weak dye fixation. Suede is prone to color transfer onto other clothes; if in doubt, brush a light-colored fabric against it to test.

Is it time to change your Suede Jewelry Pouch?

If your suede bag was damaged it looks too old and suede furs have come out so know it the time to change your suede bag. You can buy a new suede jewelry pouch from Bagwalas as we offer a wide range of suede bags. We offer different type of colors, sizes, and styles as per your choice. You can also customize your design, logo, and initials on your suede jewelry pouches and we can do it for you.