Know How Cotton Tote Bags Are Better Than Plastic Bags

Cotton Tote Bags

When you go grocery shopping, shopkeepers tell you to keep groceries and fruits in plastic bags, but do you know how harmful plastic bags are to the environment? Plastic bags are used and thrown out immediately; hence, they become a threat to the environment. We aim to provide sustainable, environmentally friendly, and versatile products. Everyone is becoming more aware of the environment, and the demand for sustainable cotton things is increasing, so if you are going grocery shopping, then you can purchase grocery shopping bags manufactured by us. These bags fulfil your everyday needs; not only this, but they are also effective for the environment.

Bagwalas has cotton tote bags available in many varieties and colors. These bags can be used for daily grocery shopping, shopping for vegetables and fruits, or going on a picnic. They are a good option for you because they are environmentally friendly and made of 100% cotton. Today, we will tell you why cotton bags are better than plastic bags.

What are the advantages of custom tote bags?

Using cotton bags can be a perfect option for you compared to plastic bags because it has many advantages:

1. Cotton bags decompose quickly and do not take time, so they do not create pollution and waste and are not harmful to the environment. These bags are also environmentally friendly and used in most shops. Plastic bags do not decompose quickly, so their use is not good for you and the environment.

2. The cotton tote bags we manufacture are versatile and can be used in various ways, not just in one way. You can take them with you for your grocery and general shopping. You can use these for outings or picnics and can keep your books, water bottle and lunch box. Cotton bags are good because plastic bags are not versatile.

3. Printed tote bags are durable and sturdy. You can easily keep your groceries or fruits in them and take them from the shop to home. These are made from high-quality material, so they are very strong and do not break easily. Plastic bags are not suitable because they are not weak and get broken while being brought from the shop to home.

4. You can also use cotton bags while travelling because they are portable and travel-friendly, but it is not advisable to use plastic bags because they do not keep your things safe. These bags are light, so you can carry them with you while shopping.

5. You can customize the custom tote bags manufactured by Bagwalas according to your choice and also get your brand logo printed on them, whereas it is not possible to customize plastic bags.


Bagwalas is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cotton tote bags at affordable rates. By joining us, you will get a combination of sustainability, versatility, remoteness, and customization in one product. Now that you know that plastic bags are harmful to the environment, you should consider the bags provided by us.